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          Chasing Apparitions' 2016 EP ‘The Hedonist’ revives a sound the metal scene has been missing for the last few years. Reminiscent of For All Those Sleeping and The Last of Our Kind, Chasing Apparitions tastefully mixes electronic elements with an aggressive metalcore sound. They provide a fresh perspective and perfectly execute a style that was blowing up in 2014 before most up and coming bands tainted it with their mediocre attempts and cheesy lyric videos.
          After a few years to reflect on the errors of earlier bands, Chasing Apparitions has come to lead the masses back to the light. Their breakneck pace, sustained in part by subtle electronic sections, builds the intensity and keeps it maxed out throughout the EP. The non-stop vocals, mostly in the form of screams, featured throughout the EP also contribute to the high energy as the listener is continuously washed over with verses.
          Chasing Apparitions does not fall victim to interludes, the current downfall plaguing most bands, and favors constantly progressing onward into the heaviness. There’s no such thing as ebb and flow on ‘The Hedonist’ because that means they would have to slow down and lose the momentum they’ve relentlessly built. It’s every heavy music fan’s dream and the fact that the vocalist has the range and vocal variety to keep things interesting only adds to the replay value.
          With so many constants, Chasing Apparitions introduces enough variety to keep listeners coming back. An underlying element to their success is the ability to switch between the forces that push the songs forward. Most bands have the vocalist as the driving force, but Chasing Apparitions, especially with their electronic components, have done a great job at diversifying by letting the instruments take the lead. The result is a pairing of the vocals and instruments that summarizes their best qualities: aggression, power, and crisp execution.